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An experienced IRS Enrolled Agent can explain your tax debt options, offer sound advice, help you navigate the complicated IRS landscape and negotiate the best outcome for you. Few know more about the IRS and resolving tax issues than Enrolled Agent Mike Vilardi. We will fight for you and help you resolve your IRS problems. Call Us Today For A Free Consultation

Inside the IRS: Understanding Financial Responsibility With An Experienced IRS Agent

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a strong organization entrusted with enforcing tax laws and guaranteeing adherence amongst people and businesses. At the core of this regulating stronghold are seasoned and experienced IRS Agents with vast expertise and a great awareness of tax legislation. 

We will explore the complex realm of tax compliance, and we, as tax professionals, can shine a light on the function of a knowledgeable and experienced IRS Agent and the understanding that impacts the situation for you as a consumer.

According to the US Department of the Treasury, “IRS Launches New Initiatives Using Inflation Reduction Act Funding to Ensure Large Corporations Pay Taxes Owed, Continues to Improve Service and Modernize Technology with Launch of Business Tax Account.”

An experienced IRS Enrolled Agent can explain your tax debt options, offer sound advice, help you navigate the complicated IRS landscape, and negotiate the best outcome. Few know more about the IRS and resolving tax issues than Enrolled Agent Mike Vilardi. We will fight for you and help you resolve your IRS problems.

Why Choose An Experienced IRS Agent?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) explains that the income tax system in the United States depends on compliance by choice. It is a volunteer action; however, you need to volunteer by paying the required fees. Failure to submit your income tax return or lodging a fake return may result in a criminal tax prosecution at some point in time.

Revenue agents are the IRS’s primary detectives. These experienced specialists review tax forms, perform inspections, and guarantee that taxpayers correctly declare their income, deductions, and credits. Their function is critical in maintaining the tax system’s integrity and protecting the nation’s revenue.

Here’s why you should take the help of an experienced IRS agent–

  • Primary Skill:

An IRS Revenue Agent’s daily activities are numerous. They examine tax returns to discover points of probable failure to comply, perform extensive testing, and conduct all inquiries as needed. Customer encounters can range from essential audits to more complicated investigations into corporations and high-net-worth individuals.

  • Focus:

IRS Revenue agents concentrate on specific areas during audits, and taxpayers should be aware of potential triggers. Unreported income, suspicious deductions, disparities among recorded income and expenditures, and independent data are frequent focus areas. We  recognize these emphasis areas and allow you, as taxpayers, to address any difficulties ahead of time.

  • Assistance Through Knowledge:

The IRS Revenue Agents do more than only enforce the law; they also educate taxpayers. They advise on tax legislation, offer information to improve compliance and help people and companies understand their responsibilities. The training component emphasizes the IRS’s devotion to cultivating an atmosphere of voluntary obedience.

  • Process:

Audits are an essential part of an IRS Revenue Agent’s job. It includes details regarding the auditing procedure, including whether revenue agents choose returns for review, the kinds of audits performed, and the criteria for recognizing any possible red flags. Mastering this procedure is critical for taxpayers who want to assure conformance while minimizing the possibility of investigation alerts.

You should know

The function of an expert IRS Revenue Agent is critical in ensuring the reliability of the country’s tax system. The skills, refined via thorough education and practical experience, affect the picture for taxpayers by guaranteeing that people and companies follow tax rules.

As taxpayers traverse the problematic route of paying their taxes, recognizing Revenue Agents’ roles and responsibilities is critical in establishing a cooperative and educated strategy to fulfill their tax obligations.

Throughout this investigation, we will uncover the complex operations of EX-IRS, spotlighting our critical role in determining your organization’s fiscal picture.

Today, the airwaves are full of IRS tax saviors. In truth, these are ad campaigns and lawyers looking to capitalize on your current IRS debt. These companies use Enrolled agents to consult and handle your matter in question. Here at Winning Tax Solutions, you meet and are helped by the same person. You are cutting out the middleman.

How Do IRS Agents Deal With Tax Evasion?

In ways to understand tax evasion, we as researchers will search for any signs of fraud, including, yet not restricted to:

The IRS performs audits and inspections to check tax returns for compliance. The procedure may include a thorough review of accounting records, evidence of support, and other relevant data.

The IRS employs sophisticated software to compare details from tax returns with data from additional sources. For example, if the income recorded on a tax return differs from that supplied by businesses, banking institutions, or other people, a thorough inquiry may be initiated.

The IRS urges anybody with expertise in tax evasion to report it using its whistleblowers scheme. Sources may be rewarded for giving reliable data that results in additional revenue collection.

Financial companies must submit Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) for odd or worrisome operations. The IRS may examine these records to uncover suspected tax evasion.

Inadequate reporting of earnings can lead to further inquiry if there are discrepancies between stated income and data obtained from outside sources (e.g., businesses, competitors, or banking agencies).

Exceptionally high deductions or tax credits may draw the IRS’s notice. If these deductions or credits aren’t backed by adequate evidence or seem forged, they may be investigated.

Incompatible financial activity, such as significant fluctuations in earnings reported from year to year with no evident rationale, might raise red flags and encourage the IRS to look into it.

The IRS investigates accounts located abroad and valuables to guarantee they fulfill reporting obligations. Failing to report offshore earnings and possessions may constitute tax evasion.

Some Important Initiatives To Know About

The Large Foreign-Owned Corporations Transfer Pricing Initiative ensures that large corporations and high-income individuals pay their owed taxes.


  • Expansion of the Large Corporate Compliance Program 
  • To prevent abuse of the repealed corporate tax break
  •  High-income cases would be prioritized.

Client Testimonials

This letter is to thank you for a job well done. Your persistency and diligence in reviewing my corporate tax liability resulted in my company saving over $250,000 in tax obligations. Your 22 years of criminal investigation experience helped uncover some irregularities processed by my former CFO, which in turn allowed me to appeal my case and refile my corporate tax returns. I appreciate the extra effort you put forth in my difficult tax issue and I would highly recommend you to anyone with tax issues. Thanks to you I am now able to sleep at night.
G. Ferstman

I am writing this letter to endorse Mike Vilardi for his service in helping me with my tax related issues. When I first contacted Mike about my situation with the IRS he came to my house to discuss any options that may be available. I found him to be friendly, honest and well educated with tax laws and penalties. Mike, represented me in obtaining a manageable monthly payment with the IRS and to put a hold on late fees they were going to put in place.
M. Whitaker

Just a brief letter to again thank you for your experties and precise insight regarding my IRS debt. Due to your professional insight and prior years as Special Agent for the IRS, you were able to eliminate $30,000 worth of debt in a matter of minutes. I am still amazed. I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude for your help and guidance in this matter. By the way none of the former companies I had called prior to you gave me any hope at all. I highly recommend your service and you should be the first and only call anyone needs to make concerning a tax problem.
Dr. T.G. Holohan


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